A Fundraiser for Ronaldo

Poor Ronaldo! He came off the streets and was adjusting to life in a home when we received some upsetting medical news.

Ronaldo used to be a stray cat, but now he's loving life indoors with a foster family.

Ronaldo used to be a stray cat, now he’s loving life indoors with a foster family.

Ronaldo is a 2 year old cat that was trapped in a Trap-Neuter-Release program for feral cats in Clinton, Massachusetts. Ronaldo was neutered and vaccinated, but he seemed way too friendly to be happy outdoors. He may look like a tough, feral tom cat, but under that gruff exterior is a heart of mush!

Ronaldo entered foster care with BCR Foster Volunteers Andrew and Kristen. He was pretty shy at first, hiding under the futon and only coming out for Kristen with some coaxing. Over the course of several days, Ronaldo started to warm up and learn that chin scratches and treats are totally worth the hype! His battle scars from life on the streets are fading and his fur has started filling in.

Don't let his tough exterior fool you! Ronaldo is a total mush who looooves chin scratches!

Don’t let his tough exterior fool you, Ronaldo is a total mush who looooves chin scratches!

Andrew and Kristen noticed a mass on Ron’s leg. We immediately consulted our veterinarian, hoping the lump was just a post-injection reaction to his vaccinations. Unfortunately, the news at the vet’s office was not good.

Ronaldo’s lump is very dense, which is unusual and alarming. The vet attempted a needle biopsy, but the mass was too dense and fibrous for the vet to get enough tissue for a definitive diagnosis. We aren’t sure what the mass is, but it could be a fibrosarcoma, a cancer that can be very aggressive. If Ronaldo does have a fibrosarcoma, the veterinarian recommends amputating his leg to give Ronaldo the best chance of a cancer-free life.

The next step for Ron will be a small surgery to determine what the mass is. If the mass seems benign when the vet sees it, we will remove the lump immediately and biopsy it to confirm. If the mass seems malignant, the vet will biopsy the lump, but leave it intact because it would be cruel for Ron to recover from one surgery only to have to go under the knife again later. When the biopsy comes back, we will have the appropriate information to decide on next steps for Ron. Our sincere hope is that the mass is benign and Ron can have a speedy recovery at Kristen and Andrew’s!

Ronaldo is very vocal, he's always available to help Andrew and Kristen catch up on the latest in gossip.

Ronaldo is very vocal, he’s always available to help Andrew and Kristen catch up on the latest in gossip.

All together, we estimate that Ronaldo’s care will come to around $1000 and we need your help! Please help Ronaldo receive the care he needs by making a donation to Black Cat Rescue today. Our organization is dedicated to making sure every cat we take in has all appropriate medical care, even when the prognosis is grim or the future uncertain.

The one thing that we do know is that Ronaldo is a strong, loving cat with a huge heart! We know that cancer or not, tripod or not, we will find Ronaldo the loving forever home that he deserves! Help this former street kitty get the surgery he needs to live a long happy life in someone’s lap.

Ron deserves a long loving life with a forever family! Make a donation today to help him get the care he needs before finding his new family.

Ron deserves a long loving life with a forever family! Make a donation today to help him get the care he needs before finding his new family.

Donate through Paypal: http://goo.gl/mcdM1k

Mail check or money orders to Black Cat Rescue headquarters:

Black Cat Rescue
191 Cedar Street, Apt 1
Somerville, MA 02145

You can follow Ronaldo’s journey on facebook: http://facebook.com/blackcatrescue

Meet our gentle giant, Juan…

This young boy is a gentle giant!  At only 2 years old, Juan was brought to a local shelter weighing over 26 lbs! It was clear that he would need some special attention to get back to a healthy weight. Juan is settling into his Black Cat Rescue foster home and has begun a healthy weight-loss regimen supervised by a veterinarian. His diet and exercise are being closely monitored to ensure weight loss at an appropriate speed.

The weigh-in: Down 2 lbs already!!

The weigh-in: Down 2 lbs already!!

Juan loves to be pet! When a person comes into the room, he gets right up to come over for a snuggle session!  He rubs his face all over you and purrs like a loud motor.  Juan‘s other interests include laying on his favorite blankie, nuzzling his stuffed toucan, and playing with string for exercise.

XL cat means XL snuggles!

XL cat means XL snuggles!

If this sweet boy is what you’re looking for, complete an Adoption Profile here: www.blackcatrescue.com/adoption-profile!

Meet Socks!

Socks was freaked out by all the dogs at a local shelter so we thought he would do better in a dog-free foster home where he could relax a bit. We were right! Check out Socks rolling around like a rascal and mingling with the other cats he shares his foster home with!

Check out my fluffy tummy!!

Check out my fluffy tummy!!

Playtime with foster friends!

Learn more about Socks here:  http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/10658896-somerville-massachusetts-cat


Meet Dyson

Need a guard-cat for your shoe collection?? Dyson fits the bill.  His foster mom found him hanging out aloft a pile of her shoes!

Dyson, feline shoe aficionado.

Dyson: feline shoe aficionado

Dyson is a young playful cat who loves to chase feathers and lasers. When he is done, you can find him lounging in whatever sunny spot he can find.

Dyson was visited by the tooth-fairy…so he is missing 2 teeth.  But our vet says all he needs is some crunchy food to keep the rest of his teeth clean and regular check ups to maintain his remaining pearly whites!

Get all the details about Dyson here: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/10734603-somerville-massachusetts-cat

Check out our June new additions!

Black Cat Rescue has taken in a bunch of new fuzzy faces this month, and maybe one of them is your new best friend!

Cuddles is a medium-haired beauty who loves being a lap cat.  When she’s not being pet or purring in your lap, she likes to jump in boxes or nap in a sunny spot.  At 13 years old, Cuddles is hoping to finally find her forever home, without other cats.  Are you the perfect person to cuddle with her?
Cuddles Tongue
Ronaldo was found homeless outside and is now loving life indoors.  He is a sweet young cat who loves to lean in for rubs and pets!  If you’re looking for a mellow furry pal, then 2 year old Ronaldo might just be the guy for you!
Bob was living with a colony of outdoor cats in Boston- but he was definitely meant to be a family pet. A fellow rescue worker noticed his charming and kind ways and decided to find him a foster home. Bob stole the hearts of the entire family: humans, cats and even their dog. With such a laid-back and gentle personality – he would be a great addition to any home.
Is Beezy the easy, breezy girl you’ve been waiting for?  Beezy is a low maintenance, sweet, affectionate cat who was too scared living with a more aggressive cat.  She is timid around strangers, but once she warms up she’ll steal your heart with her sweet snuggles.  At only 11 years old, this gal has a lot more love to give!
For more details, visit all our adoptables at: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter77098-pets.html

Happy Tails: Berenger has been adopted!

Berenger came to Black Cat Rescue from a big local shelter. At the shelter, Berenger didn’t eat or use his litterbox for four days. Black Cat Rescue set up foster care for him, and quickly took him in. Berenger means “courage of a bear” and we bestowed this name upon him in the hopes he would grow into his new title.

It worked!!! Berenger blossomed in foster care!  He became the laid back, friendly, adorable young cat we knew he was under all that terror and confusion.

Berenger came from a large shelter into foster care because he was too shy for the shelter environment.

Berenger came from a large shelter into foster care because he was too scared in the shelter environment.

 Lauren and Jack contacted us to find a cat who would get along with their  existing male cat.  They were more interested in a female at first, but decided to give Berenger a try. They met him in May and instantly fell in love!  Berenger went to his new home almost immediately and Lauren let BCR know he settled in very quickly. His new home has treats, toys, and a playmate! His new brother, Rascal, can’t wait to meet him! We’re sure these two will be best buddies in no time.
photo1 (2)

Congratulations to Berenger and his new forever family!

Congrats to Berenger and his new family!

Meet Kelsey – She is too cute for the street!

Kelsey was a neighborhood stray who landed herself in a trap meant for feral cats. She was taken to the vet by a kind soul who saw lots of thorns and sticky burrs caught up in her long, gorgeous fur. She got some patches of her beautiful fur shaved off to remove the debris – but she got a clean bill of health otherwise. She is ready to let her luxurious fur grow back to its full fluff potential.

After the tumultuous past few weeks, Kelsey is a bit frightened and nervous but we completely understand.  A bad hair cut and a new living situation would leave anyone a little off-kilter!

Well,  I am NEVER going to that hairdresser again!!

Well, I am NEVER going to that hairdresser again!!

Thank goodness she is currently in a Black Cat Rescue foster home receiving lots of love and stability. A familiar routine in a foster home will be key to regaining her trust and getting her ready to settle into her forever home.

Think you have what it takes to spoil Kelsey rotten and restore her faith in us humans? Visit her adoption page:  http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/10479085-somerville-massachusetts-cat