Happy Tails: Boots!

Black Cat Rescue is very pleased to announce the adoption of Boots!
Boots is an adorable 1 year old who was surrendered to another Boston-area shelter because he was too active in his home. He’s a healthy kitten, sounds like it was just normal kitten play to us!  He wasn’t doing very well in the shelter environment, so the shelter staff reached out to Black Cat Rescue to place him in a foster home.  He was immediately sweet and playful in his foster home.
Boots is a handsome young cat with tons of playful kitten energy!

Boots is a handsome young cat with tons of playful kitten energy!

Antonia was looking for a young cat to add to her family with two little boys.  When our Adoption Coordinator mentioned that Boots has a lot of energy, Antonia said, ” It sounds like he and my boys will be good playmates.” and they set up a visit.  Of course Antonia fell in love!  Boots went to his new home in early April, and though he was scared to come out of the carrier at first, his two new (human) brothers made a trail of treats and led him right out.
Boots following his trail of treats set up by his new human brothers!

Boots following his trail of treats set up by his new human brothers!

Adopter Antonia and Boots. Congratulations to both of you! We wish Boots and his new family many happy years!

Adopter Antonia and Boots. Congratulations to both of you! We wish Boots and his new family many happy years!

Congratulations to Boots and his new forever family.
Find out more about Black Cat Rescue: www.blackcatrescue.com.

Happy Tails: Snoopy

Snoopy was left at a large, traditional animal shelter half-bald from a bad case of fleas by an owner who couldn’t afford a vet.  At the shelter Snoopy was very scared and hissed a lot, so the staff contacted Black Cat Rescue.  The shelter kept her to be spayed, and then she came to a tranquil Black Cat Rescue foster home.

It’s a bald cat! Poor Snoopy came to Black Cat Rescue with severe hairloss from flea dermatitis.

At first, Snoopy was absolutely dejected. Snoopy’s foster mom, Susanna, actually brought her to the vet because she was convinced something must be wrong for Snoopy to be so sad.  Poor Snoopy didn’t leave her cat bed in an upstairs bedroom except to eat, and she wasn’t interested in her foster family or their cat.  Bit by bit, Snoopy got more into petting and snuggles and would hiss and bite less.  She timidly explored the house once or twice, but quickly returned to her cat bed upstairs.
Snoopy meeting her housemate, BCR alum Olivia.

Snoopy meeting her housemate, BCR alum Olivia.

Susanna started dragging the cat bed to the landing at the top of the stairs so Snoopy could check things out from afar.  One day Susanna lured her downstairs with wet food and something snapped in Snoopy . . . she really became a new cat overnight! From that day on, Snoopy spent most of her time on her foster parents’ laps getting lots of cuddles. Throughout it all, Snoopy’s fur was slowly growing back and she had gained a little weight (this little girl is tiny!  7.25lbs!).
Snoopy's gorgeous eyes would catch any adopter's heart!

Snoopy’s gorgeous eyes would catch any adopter’s heart!

Nicole contacted BCR because she and her boyfriend were looking for a kitten. BCR matched her her Snoopy and Wizard, two young cats, and set up visits to both foster homes to visit them.  Nicole visited Snoopy first, and instantly fell in love!  Check out photo from the adoption visit below.  Susanna warned them that in the new home Snoopy might be scared at first.  Not so at all– Snoopy slept in their bed that night!
Snoopy wowing Nicole on her adoption visit!

Snoopy wowing Nicole and her boyfriend on the adoption visit!

Black Cat Rescue could not be happier for Snoopy to be in a happy, loving home.

Yay for Snoopy!

Yay for Snoopy!

“Window Syl” wants out!

Sweet Sylvester came to Black Cat Rescue as an indoor/outdoor cat. Black Cat Rescue has a strict indoor only policy for all foster cats. We also require, as a term of our Adoption Agreement, that all adopted cats be kept indoors exclusively. At 13 years old, we thought he’d enjoy an indoor life where he could relax and take advantage of all the luxuries of indoor living. However, it seems that Sylvester has other ideas. He truly misses his time outdoors and expresses his unhappiness in a variety of ways. All day he will stare out the window, crying and longing to get out. After so many years of catching mice and other outdoor hi-jinx – he is just too unhappy inside the house all day.

"Window Syl" really feels like he is missing out on the outdoors action...

“Window Syl” really feels like he is missing out on the outdoors action…

While we strongly believe that indoor environments are safest for our cats, we are also committed to providing each cat in our care with the best possible, individualized adoption outcome. We are dedicated to getting Syl back to the adventurous life that made him so happy. At this time we are seeking a safe, indoor/outdoor home for Sylvester.

Sylvester is currently being fostered in Chelmsford, MA. Check out his adoption page for more details: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/10382412-somerville-massachusetts-cat


Meet the peaceful and dainty Pandora

Pandora has been hoping someone would invent kitty ear plugs.  The teenagers at her house have been practicing their instruments a lot lately. All that ruckus is  just a little too loud for her calm and tranquil disposition.  Now she is in her Black Cat Rescue foster home luxuriating in a space of her own and enjoying some much needed peace & quiet.  Pandora would be a great companion to someone who shares her appreciation for a chilled-out lifestyle.

Interested? Visit http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter77098-pets.html   for more details.

Pandora the peaceful kitty....

Pandora the peaceful kitty….

Meet Boots!

Check out my white go-go boots!!

Check out my white go-go boots!!

Boots is a young cat with lots of spunk! He’s energetic and playful , which is typical for a 1 year old!! Boots will do best in a home where he can get lots of stimulation and attention to keep him busy.

Perfecting his "Won't-you-adopt-me-today" face...

We think Boots has perfected  his “Won’t-you-adopt-me-today” face…

Boots was staying at a local shelter but being confined in a cage wasn’t his style and he was acting too shy during his adoption visits. Luckily, Black Cat Rescue exclusively uses foster homes to house cats while they await their forever home. We are so happy to provide Boots with a chance to really be himself in a home environment so he can show-off at his adoption visits.

Happy Tails: Simon has been adopted!

Happy news!  Simon went home Friday night!
Simon turned on the charm for Theresa.

Simon turned on the charm for Theresa.

One of our Foster Volunteers, Nadja, brought Simon to our attention because a friend of hers had taken him in when he was found outside in very cold weather.  Nadja briefly fostered Simon, but he tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) so we moved him to a foster home with no other cats. Simon was nervous around his new foster dad at first, but after a few weeks they really became dedicated couch buddies.
Simon ran right over to Theresa while his foster dad, Jim, looked on.

Simon ran right over to Theresa..

 Theresa just moved to Boston and was looking for a new feline friend.  She specifically wanted a cat less likely to be adopted.  Since Simon is a little older and FIV+, we thought he’d be a good fit since she has no other cats.  When Theresa walked in to meet Simon he ran right over to her and didn’t leave her the whole visit.  We’ve never seen such a successful adoption visit!  Theresa didn’t want to leave without him, but Simon definitely wouldn’t have let her leave. :)
Simon soaking up the love while getting to know Theresa.

Simon soaking up the love while getting to know Theresa.

An update after their first night together:
“Oh my gosh, Simon is the sweetest little love bug ever!  After a brief stint of hiding in the closet, he is now glued to me, following me around the apartment and hopping in my lap whenever I sit down.  He’s already eating like a champ and using the litter box.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”
The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Congratulations to Simon and Theresa!

Meet Alex!

Sittin' pretty!

House cat or house panther?? 

Alex is a chilled-out cat. Lately, he has not been in the mood to socialize with the frisky bunch of cats he shares a home with. Frankly, he is pretty depressed and needs a change of scenery to help chase away his blues! We think Alex will really have a chance to shine in his new foster home where he gets to be the only cat. 

Alex loves to sit near the window and watch all the excitement going on outside. Alex is ready to be King of the Castle and keep watch over his court. Your majesty awaits…come take him to his new palace!!

Meet Alex and see if he is the right cat for you!   http://goo.gl/iNdGlP