Lucky- Happiness is Your Very Own Catnip Bed.


Lucky was our first Mom with kittens. She was with us from the end of May until October. All of the kittens were adopted in August, and it was bittersweet watching them all go home while Lucky remained in foster care.

Lucky’s day, however, came in October. Her new Mom came to meet her in her foster home after completing an adoption profile. Everything looked great on paper, so we were really hoping for a love connection in person for Lucky.

Well- Just as Lucky’s adopters arrived, Conway (the big lovable retriever in Lucky’s foster home) created a huge crash. This totally freaked Lucky out, and she hid in the closet. This might have been the end of the adoption visit, but Lucky’s new family just crawled in with her and gently pet her until she decided to come out.

It was love, and they decided to move forward with the home visit. Lucky has now been in her new home for a few weeks, and the updates are nothing but glowing. Check her out in her new catnip bed!


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