Congratulations Jill and Dana!

Over the past few months, Jill has become more and more involved in the daily operations of Black Cat Rescue. She and Dana started out fostering Macy and Gellie, who they quickly fell in love with and decided to adopt permanently. Even though we lost an amazing foster home, it was wonderful to have Macy and Gellie get adopted into a loving family and be able to stay together.

Since that time, Jill has begun helping us out with vet trips, home visits and even the occasional trapping adventure. She has become an amazing asset to Black Cat Rescue.

Well, on Saturday Jill and Dana got married and found a way to incorporate their love of animals into the event. They made a donation to Buddy Dog Humane Society in their guests’ names in lieu of favors. Check out the display (That’s Macy and Gellie in the second picture from the top on the left!):buddy-dog

Congratulations Jill and Dana!


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