Will is our ruggedly handsome mistaken for feral (note the tipped ear) boy. Will’s caregiver described him as a semi-feral cat who appears to have been abused. He would approach his caregiver for food, but was terrified of any movement of her feet.

While Will was being neutered, our vet called to inform us that he is FIV+. While he was recuperating from surgery, it became clear that Will is not feral at all, just frightened. Within a few hours he was purring and rubbing his head against my hand for attention.

Will is now in foster care and looking for a permanent home of his own without other cats. Aside from his FIV+ status, Will’s days as a fighting Tom have left him with a low opinion of other cats, and he really does prefer to live without them.

As much as I worry about how difficult it will be to find Will the kind of home he needs and how long he may have to remain in foster care, it warms my heart to watch him blossom in a safe, loving environment. Each day he becomes more relaxed and more comfortable showing affection.

Will’s favorite activities involve watching TV (YES, he really watches it, and cartoons are his favorite!) and sneaking treats. He is also a real trooper about taking his vitamins to help boost his immune system.


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