Will Steals Another Heart

It’s fairly obvious that I have a special place in my heart for Will, but he continues to rack up fans.

Everyone who spends any time with Will falls in love with him.  He is just the greatest mix of goofy, sweet and loving.  Of course, we all have cats of our own and can’t adopt Will.  I wish there was a way to help people “out there” see what we see in Will.

Sadie, who is fostering Will, has this to say about our guy:

Will has been an absolute joy in my life. As his foster mother, I pray that he finds a permanent home. I am in Boston only temporarily and, unfortunately cannot take him with me, or I would. I have been sick with a cold this past week or so, and Will has kindly nurtured me to health. He likes to sleep very close, with his head near your head, wanting to be close by at all times. He is so full of warmth and he loves to love you. He is also very playful and curious. He is such a joy and will be great for a person who finds great comfort in being near cats. I know I do!

And she sends along a new picture:



2 responses to “Will Steals Another Heart

  1. Amelia Borofsky

    WILL is VERY cute and well loved and cared for! wonderful foster mom. hope he finds a wonderful permanent home later and glad to see he’s so warm and cozy in the meantime.

  2. Sadie - 4-12-09

    I wanted to leave a comment. As my year of training ends soon, I find myself praying that Will finds a forever home…as I continue to get to know him I feel that he needs a person with patience and understanding…while he is loving, he also likes to use his given teeth and claws to get one’s attention. I just want him to be taken care of…

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