Aster’s Manicure


Jill took Aster in for a nail trim at Petco, and our little glamour-puss did not disappoint.  She sashayed around and charmed the groomer, even though there was a dog nearby!  We have been describing Aster as a kitty who prefers to be an only pet because she does not seem to like being around other cats, but maybe dogs are a different story.

Aster also attracted some attention from shoppers, and Jill was sure to tell everyone who cooed over her that Aster is in need of a new family!  We are looking into some eye-catching “Adopt Me” neckerchiefs for vet trips and the like.  Of course some (most?) of the cats will not tolerate this, but something tells me Aster is the kind of girl who appreciates the importance of accessorizing.

Here she is showing off her pretty, fluffy paws for the camera.


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