Tazwell’s Happy Home

Check out the great update and beautiful pictures of Tazwell in his forever home…..

Tazwell Home 1Tazwell Home 2Tazwell Home 3Tazwell Home 4

Hi Jen,

Taz is doing super!!! Oh, we decided we loved the name Tazwell, mostly calling him Taz for short. Taz and the Girls get along just fine, never a cat fight, no more hissing. Taz is definitely the boss. He teases the Girls all the time, then they run around the house, Taz jumping over end tables, couches, chairs, you name it! The Girls are not jumpers, so as they run, he leaps over a chair, etc. and catches them almost every time. No fighting, just playing. He loves the basement, we call it Kitty Disney World. He is really a character and such a snuggler. I’m sending along a few more pictures of Taz, one of him where he should not be. Hope all is well at BCR.



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