2nd Annual Yard Sale Fundraiser

Well, I wish it had been a bit sunnier in the morning, but I would call the yard sale a success.  We made $202 to support our kitties.  Not quite as much as last year, but again, it was rather cloudy most of the morning.

We ate doughnuts and cupcakes and rode the sugar rush all afternoon.  We handed out plenty of BCR business cards and talked up our cause.  We met some wonderful animal loving neighbors (who donated items throughout the day and even a few extra dollars for the cats) and gained new support.  All of those things can’t be measured in dollars.

Here are some highlights:


Can you spot Cheeto supervising us while we sort and price items the night before the sale?


Here’s Isabel doing her part by shredding the merchandise.  I ended up buying her that basket.  Spoiled much?


Hands down, our favorite customer of the day was Marshal!  He strolled in, picked out two toys for himself and made a generous donation.  He was even gracious enough to pose for a photo op with his finds!

A special THANK YOU to Kara, Anya, and Jack for the delicious cupcakes!

Auntie Pati, Bobby, Angie, Tish, Gloria and Lauren for donating items and transporting them to JP from Revere and Wellesley.  Michelle, Ashley, and Jess for donating items- and Emily for getting pulled into helping us set up when she showed up to drop off her items and found us in a panic!

Jill and Brian not only gave up a Saturday to work the yard sale, including set up and break down, but they also dealt with me stressing out about it for the past several weeks.  Thanks guys!

And Sam, for well, everything.

THANK YOU ALL, and see you next year!!


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