Allegra gets ADOPTED, and KitKat gets a sister…


allegra snooze

Here’s Allegra already comfy in her new home.  Oh, kittens.  They don’t waste any time owning the place!

Allegra’s first adoption didn’t work out because the resident kitties (also BCR cats) were not happy about Allegra joining the family and refused to eat or drink to the point where they needed subqutanious fluids!  One very important component of our adoption policy is that we will take any of our cats back if the adoption doesn’t work out for any reason.  So, Allegra came back into foster care, but not for very long!

Allegra has been adopted and will now be living with KitKat, who you may remember as Lucky- Mom of the Crazy 8!


It is amazing to me that we are starting to have repeat adopters.  I know it sounds sappy, but it really does make me feel like BCR, our foster volunteers and our adopters  are all one big family.  Sniff…


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