The Last of the “A” Kittens…

Archie & Abbott

…have been adopted!  Abbot and Archie have gone to their loving, forever homes.  Abbott wasted no time going nose to nose with his new people and giving them kisses.  He will be living with a rather independent adult kitty who won’t mind Abbott being an attention hog!  Archie will be living with a young playful dog- the perfect match for our high energy boy!

It it bittersweet to see the last of the “A” babies go home.  I can’t help but think of little Aggie.  She will always hold a special place to us here.  The tiny girl who traveled so far to experience life in a home.  It was a short time, but I hope a happy one. 

It was a bumpy ride with this bunch- lots of vet visits and the bills that go with that!  But tonight, 9 kitties who were hours away from euthanasia sleep safe and sound and 8 families have welcomed new members.

NC to MA3

I think that’s Abbott in the front, Allegra in the middle with the pipe-cleaner tail, and Augusta in the back about to scale the cage!


2 responses to “The Last of the “A” Kittens…

  1. All the thanks go to the Black Cat Rescue and Pilots N Paws. Without them, these wonderful little kitties would not be alive today. I can not thank you enough!
    How about some “B” babies? >^..^<

  2. Linda Schroeder

    Happy to help!

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