A Boy and His Cat


When Ryan’s Mom decided to adopt a cat, her main concern was finding a cat that would do well with a young child.  Ruby (Claire at the time) immediately came to mind as having just the right personality- friendly, playful and very laid-back.  Looks like the match worked out perfectly!  Ruby even lets Ryan dress her up in Mr. Potato Head’s hats!


Ruby is a wonderful example of how Adoption Profiles/Adoption Counseling can work.  When the right cat is placed with the right family, everyone involved gets so much out of the adoption.  Ruby is also an example of how sweet and loving our “less adoptable” black cats can be.  In a shelter setting, Ruby would likely have been overlooked for cats of other colors.  So, if you’re considering adoption, whether with us or another organization, take a second look at a black cat!


4 responses to “A Boy and His Cat

  1. that is fantastic.
    I rescued a wonderfully playful black cat here in NYC but can’t get a home for him. I can’t keep him because my two cats just won’t accept him. I wonder if any one is near NYC and want a gorgeous black cat, leash-trained, neuter and vaccinated. I am enamored of this cat but must find a place for him. I see your cats so happy and want my Felix to be as lucky. He is less than a year old and have had some tough luck already.

    Please, pass the word.

  2. My correct email is this :

    not the previous one.

  3. What a cute couple….Ryan and his “buddy.” They look like great playmates and such good company for one another.

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