Belinda is now Jynx!

Jynx 2

I’m sending you some photos of Belinda, she got a little bigger.  The
second photo is not upside down, she is upside down.  She likes to
assume all sorts of un-cat-like poses, belly up and hanging off of
things.  Thank you once again for setting up the adoption!

We are calling her Jynx these days, the name kind of stuck because of
the ks sound on the end, it’s a Russian way to call cats, ks ks ks.
She is a sweetheart and likes to get petted all the time.  She also
likes to nap against my monitor and see what’s going on in the room.
She still follows me around like a puppy.  When she gets hyper she
races through the whole apartment chasing her toy mouse like a pro
soccer player.

Jynx 3


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