Anna (formerly Aster) is doing great in her forever home!


She loves sitting at the sliders in the kitchen either watching the birds and squirrels-her daily entertainment-or laying in the afternoon sun. Nice life!

And she loves water! When she hears the water running in the bathroom sink, she comes running. When she jumps in the sink, I let the water run right on her and she just sits there. She also lays by her water dish, or plays with it, pushing it until it’s right in the middle of the doorway. Oh yeah! I’ve stepped in it more than once.

 She has slept at the bottom of my bed from the very first night. She seemed so happy that she was invited to be there on her very own blanket.

 Her favorite place to sleep in the early evening is on the back of the couch under a lamp that has a regular bulb and throws off a lot of heat. She loves it!

And then she has her Tiger Tube that she hides/sleeps inside. And keeps her favorite toys close by, including a washcloth she took a liking to (go figure) and her “doughnuts” which her foster mom sent with her. She carries them all over the house upstairs and down. I never know where I’ll find them.

I hope I’ve given all of her concerned fans a little idea of how playful, smart, content and happy she is. And, most importantly, what a good match we are and how much I love her. I looked at dozens of cats online, but her little face stuck with me for weeks. I tracked her down and knew immediately when I met her at her foster home that she was indeed the one I wanted.

I will keep you updated. If anyone has any questions about Anna that I haven’t answered, just let me know. I’ll be happy to answer them. I know there were a number of you who were following Anna’s search for a forever home; I want to assure you she has found it.


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