Happy National Feral Cat Day!

October 16th is National Feral Cat Day!

As a foster care and adoption organization, Black Cat Rescue does not provide Trap-Neuter-Return services for feral cats, although feral kittens who are young enough to be tamed will often make their way to us.

We have great respect for TNR providers who devote their time, energy and money to trapping feral cats and having them spayed/neutered and returned to their colonies.  It’s an often thankless task without the joys of happy adoptions, and yet it is the greatest gift one can give to a feral cat-  to be valued and respected for the beautiful, wild creatures that they are while being given the chance to live a healthier, safer and happier life.

Black Cat Rescue would like to take the opportunity this October 16th to honor our friends who are out there trapping, running spay/neuter clinics, feeding and maintaining colonies, educating and advocating on behalf of feral cats on a local and national level.

Keep up the amazing work, and we will do our best to be here for you when you find a friendly cat or some kittens in need of foster care!

If you can, please make a donation to Alley Cat Allies or a TNR organization near you in honor of National Feral Cat Day!


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