Bishop and Blake- Adopted Together!

bishop & blake

These two are beyond cute.  Snuggly doesn’t even begin to describe Bishop, and Blake is constantly doing adorable, clumsy things like jumping into the bathtub without realizing it’s full of water and then making a big scene about his wet paws.  Blake appeared solid black when he came to us as a tiny baby, and if you looked closely, he had some faint gray striping.  As he grows, the gray seems to be taking over, and he looks lighter and lighter.  I can’t wait to see some pictures of him all grown up!

We wish both of these boys long, happy lives in their forever home!


2 responses to “Bishop and Blake- Adopted Together!

  1. Bishop (now Merry) and Blake (now Pippin) are still adorable 2 months later, and still hanging around the bath when we shower. Merry in particular seems to not be bothered by the water. He pokes his head in while one of us is showering, and immediately hops in the tub when we’re done. Even his head very wet didn’t seem to faze him.

    Also, a couple weeks in, we discovered that Merry has also developed some faint striping, most noticeable on his tail.

    All 3 cats are well, and Apshai is slowly adjusting to having them around full time since we started giving M&P the run of the place.

    • Hi Noel! Delighted to hear that Merry and Pippin are thriving, and thrilled that they get to start the near year in a happy home! Sam and I will be spending this evening with their foster parents, so I will be sure to pass along the happy update!

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