Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month; Xavier needs your help!

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, and we just happen to have the most wonderful senior gentleman in our foster care program!  Xavier, our sweet old man with giant double paws, is patiently awaiting his forever home!


If being a black cat is hard on one’s adoption chances, and being a senior pet is even tougher, Xavier is going to need all of our help!

Xavier was found wandering the road all alone.  He is around 15 years old and hard of hearing.  He is a lucky boy to have been picked up by kind people who brought him to safety and helped him find his way to a great foster home.

 Xavier deserves to never be outside, confused and scared, again.  He deserves to know he is safe and cared for.  He deserves soft places to rest and sunny patches of carpet to stretch out on.  He deserves special treats just because.  Most of all, Xavier deserves a loving family and home of his very own for the rest of his life.

Please take a moment to share this post with others, celebrate Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month and help Xavier find a home.  He’s been a good boy for 15 years, and he deserves it!


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