Family Resemblance?


Tate, littermate to Tabitha, is no slouch in the acrobatics department!  Here he is in his forever home, showing off his skills.  Tate and Tabitha were two of our most timid foster kitties, and it’s wonderful to see how they have blossomed in their adoptive homes.


3 responses to “Family Resemblance?

  1. hahahahahahahahahhahahah! Oh that’s wonderful. Pete says “oh good lord!”

  2. Being Tate’s “Forever mom” is teaching me patience, believe me! He is mesmerized by the stair railings and jumps up and straddles them all the time. I need to cover them because his claws are scratching the heck out of the woodwork. Maybe cover them in sisal rope fibers, LOL!! I am truly blessed with Tate, he totally!

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