Beatrice Goes Home!

The impending storm would not keep Beatrice from making it to her new home this weekend!  All bundled up with a heating pad in her carrier, she arrived yesterday before the snow started falling.  She came out of her carrier ready to play, and showed absolutely no interest in hiding.  She wanted to sniff every inch of her new house, and a few times she even focused long enough to play with some of her new toys.

Beatrice’s new person, Charlotte (who just turned 7- Happy Birthday Charlotte!) has chosen to name her Alex, after her favorite character on The Wizards of Waverly Place.  I think the name suits our mischievous little girl!

Congratulations, Alex!  You get to be snowed in today with your new family!

Update:  Turns out little smarty pants knows her name!  So, she will be Beatrice Alex from now on.  She is already sleeping in Charlotte’s bed!


6 responses to “Beatrice Goes Home!

  1. I wanted to let you know that Beatrice is keeping her name! She responds so well to Beatrice that we just couldn’t change it. Charlotte thinks Beatrice Alex is perfect. : )

  2. Beatrice looks like the teenage version of your banner kitten. Congrats on finding her a wonderful home!

  3. OOOH! She looks so much like my Lucy =)

  4. Beatrice is such a great cat!!!!!!!!
    We’re so glad she found a good home.

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