Happy New Year…Now let’s get to work!

Happy New Year!

Xavier is still sleeping off the Holidays, but we have work to do!

2009 was an eventful year here at Black Cat Rescue.  In many ways, we’re still getting our footing and learning how best to serve the kitties in our care.  So, I’d like to start 2010 by asking for some input.

Specifically, what can we do to unite Xavier with the right person or family?

We’ve created a Petfinder.com profile for him, complete with some professional photographs!  We’ve Facebooked him.  We’ve tweeted about him.  We’ve hung paper fliers around town.

What we’ve done so far is largely the same as what we do for all of our cats, but Xavier (as an all black senior kitty) needs extra help!  So, what are your ideas??  Any twists on the above methods, or something new entirely?

Please comment and brainstorm with us!

UPDATE:  Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions!  Xavier has been adopted, and we will begin work on implementing your suggestions to help some of other special cases!


4 responses to “Happy New Year…Now let’s get to work!

  1. Where is BKRescue located?

  2. I know that animals that get on local news tend to be adopted. I don’t know if local businesses will allow posting as well. Maybe a demo day at a petsmart/petco? You’ve probably done all of this…

  3. Videos are great for highlighting a cat. Videos can say so much more than a picture and description.

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