Piper Goes Home!

Little Piper was off to her new home this weekend.  It is a very lucky kitty who gets to go to a work-from-home household, and Piper is already camped out on the desk!

She’s wearing the cone because, just as she was about to go home, she decided to pull out some of the stitches from her spay surgery.  So, she got one more vet trip in before leaving us.  The cone doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much.  She’s snoozing pretty contentedly (in her really cute new bed!), but I’m sure she’ll enjoy having total freedom back next week!

Congratulations, Piper!


2 responses to “Piper Goes Home!

  1. Piper is a real star! Our cats all hate those collars. How patient she is!

  2. Hooray for Piper! We love happy endings! Despite the cone, she looks like she’s settled in quite well. 🙂

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