Love is in the Air: Reduced Adoption Fees!

Lola, Georgie and Buff have been in Black Cat Rescue foster care for far too long!  They have had interest here and there, but their potential adopters have decided to go with younger kittens or found another cat elsewhere.  Of course, any adoption is good news, but these three sweeties are ready for their own lucky days to come!

All three prefer to be only pets, which has likely contributed to their being with us for so long.  Most animal lovers already have a pet or two when they come to us seeking to add to their families.

So, if you know anyone who has been thinking of getting a cat but hasn’t taken the leap yet, send them our way!  We are more than happy to talk at length with new adopters about the ins and outs of living with a kitty companion!

And, as an extra enticement- Lola, Georgie and Buff now have a reduced adoption fee of only $75.  Spread the word and help three awesome adult cats find loving homes!


3 responses to “Love is in the Air: Reduced Adoption Fees!

  1. I wish Lola, Georgie and Buff the best of luck finding a new home. I have been keeping up with you guys in Twitter and I like what you are doing for all these cats. As a dog, that is not easy to admit but hey, at least they are black and that IS the coolest color to be. I will add you to my blogroll!

  2. We hope these kitties find forever homes soon. Thank you for the great work you are doing!

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