Georgie goes home!

After Xavier found his wonderful forever home, Georgie became our longest resident in foster care.  So, we were beyond thrilled when he found his new family on Valentine’s Day!  However, it seems that the stress of yet another move caused Georgie to forget his manners and act out in his new home.  Initially, it looked like he would be coming back to us, but he’s settled down a bit as he has started to get used to his new surroundings.  His new family is showing him kindness and patience while he gets acclimated.

Sometimes we forget how many stressful changes our foster cats go through on their way to their happy endings.  Georgie gave us a little reminder!  Poor Georgie had been through scrounging for food on the street (and Georgie is a boy who likes his food!), to being in a shelter which terrified him, then to foster care and finally to his new home.  That’s quite a few transitions!  So, here’s to Georgie learning day by day that this new place is home, and these unfamiliar faces are his family now.  He’s already found his way into the big bed, so things are looking up!


4 responses to “Georgie goes home!

  1. Hooray for Georgie! We know he’ll do well in his forever home. 🙂

  2. Good luck Georgie and family. Thank you family for sticking by him during a touch time while he settles in. I just KNOW it will be worth every second of your time!

  3. We’re so happy, he reminds us of our fattness.

  4. fatness = Goosa btw.

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