Tootsie and KitKat are best friends.

KitKat (left) and Tootsie were adopted from Black Cat Rescue about a year apart.  They got along very well  right away, and now they nap together on the big bed. 

Adopting a second cat can be a difficult decision.  Our cats can’t tell us beforehand if they really want a feline companion.  In most adoption scenarios, we have no way of knowing how two cats will react to one another.  Some cats totally clash, while others tolerate one another but never snuggle.  KitKat however, was more than happy to welcome Tootsie into her home- and share the big bed.


2 responses to “Tootsie and KitKat are best friends.

  1. When I got my second cat, my first pitched an incredible fit, but they are friends now; even when the older one get irritated with the younger one.

  2. Sometimes it can take a while for cat to settle in together. It takes SO MUCH patience on the part of the owners. To see these two snuggle up is just so SO amazing.

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