Don’t tell Blackswell…

…that FIV+ cats and cats with black fur have a tough time getting adopted.  Blackswell doesn’t have time to discuss such nonsense, because he is busy preparing to go to his WONDERFUL new home tonight!

Blackswell and his new person made an instant connection- I swear I heard music swell in the background.  He’s going to be an only cat and get all the love and attention he can handle!  Congratulations to Blackswell!


3 responses to “Don’t tell Blackswell…

  1. FANTASTIC!!! HOOray!! This is wonderful to hear!!!

    • I am sooo grateful he found a new home! He really deserves it. We loved how he greeted us on the porch every day and wanted so much to let him into our home to stay. He really deserves the best and most loving home a kitty can have and it brings a tear to my eye to know that he now has it. Good for you Blackswell. We miss you but celebrate your renewed good fortune. 🙂

  2. Congrats to sweet Blackswell!

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