Lola’s Happy Ending!

Lola arrived as an incredibly scared cat.  She just wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of us.  It was heart breaking to see her cower and shake as we approached.  At first, it seemed as though time would be what Lola needed.  However, time was going by, and Lola was making zero progress.

As the Holidays approached, we put out a call for new foster volunteers.  That’s when Lola found exactly what she needed!  Within days, Lola’s new foster Mom had her purring and showing her belly- something  we hadn’t been able to accomplish in months!

Lola continued to blossom in her new foster home.  As the weeks went by she showed what a loving and wonderful cat she truly is!  I suppose it is not surprising that her foster Mom, Kristen, decided that she just couldn’t let Lola go!  So, Lola is home to stay!

When I expressed my delight at how lucky Lola is to have found just the right people to love her, Kristen had this to say…

I think it’s the other way around… We lucked out Lola finding us! It was meant to be. No other way to explain how Black Cat Rescue found me just after I lost the best cat there ever was and ever will be, who also happened to be black! Everything happens for a reason right?

Congratulations to Lola!  It’s been a long journey, and you deserve this!


2 responses to “Lola’s Happy Ending!

  1. I am glad that Lola settled in so well. I have a friend who took in a cat who had had very little socialisation as a kitten and was so timid and scared. He has taken five years of endless patience and love to bring the neglected cat around but now Stanny is a real and normal cat – so it can take time and patience and love but there is no such thing as a cat beyond hope.

  2. Kristen & Lola…two very lucky girls indeed. Some things truly are meant to be.

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