Thurston is not a BCR cat….yet!

black cat rescue

Thurston is presently a PAL cat in Spencer, MA.  People for Animals League has a great setup that is more kitty playland than shelter, but Thurston doesn’t want to play kitty games.  He’s just not happy around the other cats.  So, the plan is to set him up in a BCR foster home…..when one becomes available.  Of course, with kitten season upon us, that could take a while!

In the meantime, maybe you want to head over to PAL and adopt Thurston straight away!

True to his name, Thurston is a refined, sophisticated guy, yet quiet and unassuming.  He would make a great companion for a mature person or persons.  Aside from preferring to be an only cat, he is basically a low maintenance man.

Check out his amazing eyes- one blue and one green!  It’s possible that Thurston might be deaf on his “blue side,” but it’s also possible that he sometimes just prefers not to respond.  He’s a cat.  🙂

Thurston is a handsome and kind soul, even with his lion’s cut!  Poor guy was so matted that he had to be shaved.  When his glorious coat grows back, he will be even more gorgeous than before!

So, go get in touch with Sandy at PAL to learn more about Thurston and make his next move a permanent one!

Update: Thurston has warmed up to the other cats at PAL, which is great news!  So, even if you have another cat at home, Thurston will be the perfect addition to your family!  Head on over to PAL and meet this handsome man!!

Even Better Update:  Thurston has been adopted into a great home with another friendly cat to play with!


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