Adult Cat Special! $50 Adoption Fee!

Our wonderful, well behaved adult cats are a little aprehensive about this term “kitten season” that they keep hearing get tossed around.  They would very much like to get out of foster care and into their forever homes as soon as possible!

Eloise & Eleanor, Lyuba and Suzie are patiently waiting!  To help them along on their journey to forever homes, all cats over 1 year of age have a reduced adoption fee of $50 from now until September!

UPDATE 6/9/10: Suzie has been adopted!


One response to “Adult Cat Special! $50 Adoption Fee!

  1. Please adopt one of these adorable black kitties. I adopted a black kittie I named Cleocatra and all ahe brought me was good luck and lots of love. I became vegan because of her. All life is precious!

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