Ninja, Max and June- Adopted!!

Ninja, Max (pictured above already snuggling his new people) and June, have found their forever homes!  These babies came to us with their Mom, Marie, after being found outside in a soaked cardboard box in the rain.  They will now get to grow up in loving homes with families who adore them!

2 responses to “Ninja, Max and June- Adopted!!

  1. Beverly Bingham

    Partial to black cats. My daughter and I rescued a black kitten years ago….he turned out to be the sweetest cat I’ve ever had….fetches, licks, my face…..loves to sleep on my chest. When we found him….we got him to a vet….he wasn’t suppose to live through the night. ( weighed 4 oz)…he was flea infested, had ring worm, an eye infection, ….we had to run warm water over his behind because the vet said he most likely hadn’t had a bowel movement yet…..bottle fed him….antibiotics……our miracle kitty. He’ll be 10 in Sept….. I LOVE my black kitty!!!

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