Diesel at Home

Diesel is quite the talker, and this pillow is just perfect for him.  Look at that handsome face!  Thanks for checking in, Diesel!


3 responses to “Diesel at Home

  1. Always being a dog person, I was surprised at just how adorable Diesel is. I’m Diesel’s great grandmom and I “babysat” him for Megan over a weekend. I wound up calling him a puppy cat since he’ll sit by your side and lick your arm. He comes when you call him and he loves to toss his little mouse toys all over the place. I was totally entertained by his personality. I didn’t realize a cat could be so “doggone” cute. He’s litter trained, totally clean and is a great addition to this canine loving family. A real Mr. Personality full of affection and grateful purrs.

    • Hi Agnes! It is so wonderful that Diesel now has a whole extended family to love him. We are proud to say that our cats have converted some serious dog people. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thanks Mom for that great summary of our Diesel! I’m Diesel’s grandmom and like my mother-in-law have always been a dog person having rescued 2 goldens from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and 1 Jack Russell from a horse farm. Diesel has a wonderful personality and keeps us entertained with his meow’s and playful antics. With this picture he gives all new meaning to “pillow talk”!

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