Before he made his way to Black Cat Rescue, Harold was a domesticated fella trying to make the best of it on the outskirts of a feral colony.  No easy task for a lap cat like Harold!  Then one day, he got hit by a car.  Based on the injuries to his back and shoulder, it seems as though he may have rolled up under the car.  Harold had some good luck on his side that day, and sustained mainly scrapes and a sore leg.

Harold’s good luck didn’t end there!  While getting treatment for his injuries, Harold made some connections (such a charmer!) who sent him our way.  Instead of having to go back to living with the feral colony, he got to come stay in a Black Cat Rescue foster home.  His shoulder is all healed up, and he ready for a new life!  He just needs a little more of that good luck to carry him into his forever home!

Harold is an incredibly sweet and loving cat.  He is the perfect mix of playful, spunky, snuggly and affectionate.  He is just over a year, but still thinks he’s a kitten.  Harold would love to entertain some visitors with the story of his journey!  He is quite a talker and will look directly at you while showing of an impressive variety of meows.  This is a boy who can hold his end of a conversation, so come have a chat with our Harold.

As part of our Adult Cat Special, Harold’s adoption fee is reduced to just $50.


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