Harold Moves On!

We knew this boy was bound for bigger and better things.  Harold has been adopted!  He is off to his happy home with a new brother to play with!  Harold has been through some tough times, but it looks like everything is finally going his way.  Congratulations and keep in touch, Harold!


4 responses to “Harold Moves On!

  1. fearless ferals/kim smith

    Beautiful boy. Looks burmese? Congrats. I have a question on black cat adoptions. Do stop offering before Halloween, if so when do you restart? For once I’ll have a couple ready for adoption then, and need advise when to list them after that day.

    • Hi Kim! We do not suspend adoptions around Halloween. Our adoption process involves checking references (both personal and veterinary) and a home visit by one of our trained volunteers. We have faith in our adoption process, and feel that shutting down around Halloween would do more harm to the black cats we service. Many larger organizations are resuming black cat adoptions through October as well.

  2. fearless ferals/kim smith

    Thanks for your reply.I’ve just recently entered the public adoption ring with my resuces, so am= looking for input from many sources. My next investigation is flv positive. I’m just a single household using a 501c3 from another rescue from another state (min8 hour drive away). NOt sure what I’ll do if I come across any positive cats. My own companions would be at risk too.

  3. Congratulations on Harold’s adoption. Black cats are something special and he showed that!

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