Rest In Peace Xavier

Our gentle old man, Xavier, has passed away.  We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to know him.  After an unknown period of time spent alone on the street, he found love both in his foster home and with his adoptive family.

Thank you to Cassie and Garrett for taking a chance on a senior cat and giving him so much love.  Although his time with you was short, he was a true member of the family and experienced so much happiness during the last year of his life.

He came to us as “stray 44,” but our beloved Xavier will be remembered and missed.  Rest in peace, sweet boy.


4 responses to “Rest In Peace Xavier

  1. My deepest sympathies. Xavier was a gorgeous boy.

  2. My sympathies to Xavier’s family and to you. Losing a loved cat hurts so much sometimes, but he was rescued and was much loved.

  3. Thanks to BCR, for this wonderful testimony to this wonderful cat. Also to his foster family and an extra thank you to Dr. Jake Tedaldi whose loving care made it so Xavier NEVER had to ride in a car again (man, he hated car rides!). Dr. Tedaldi knew when to treat and when to help us let go and for that we are grateful.

  4. My deepest sympathies. About 3 days ago, my family lost my Tortise shell calico cat Mittens to Kidney failure. D: I know exactly what you are going through!

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