Sweetpea at Home

Little Sweetpea took some time between naps to check in!  When she came to Black Cat Rescue, this girl was very scared, but she really blossomed with some TLC in foster care.  Now, she is enjoying life in her new home.

Looks like she has couch napping down to a science.  Here she is all rested up and on the prowl.  Notice the defeated toy mouse in the background!


One response to “Sweetpea at Home

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe how beautiful she grew up to be. To her new parents, I found Sweetpea on my deck last winter. She was soooo tiny, and it took all winter to finally get her to come into the house and stay. And I let her decide when she was ready. Every night I closed the doors in my kitchen and sat there with the slider open coaxing her in. Brrrrrr. She would come in for a little while and then, zip!, she was gone again. But in February, she decided one night it was much better inside and she curled up and went to sleep. The blizzard the night before tipped the scale! I couldn’t keep her because my Anna (also from BCR) didn’t want company. Broke my heart but I can’t tell you happy I am to see how happy she is. And she’s gorgeous. Thank you so much for putting in the time with her. She’s well worth it. I couldn’t believe what a huge purr she had for such a tiny kitten. She is definitely thankful for her new life.

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