Now you see them; Now you don’t!

hiding black cat

Have you been keeping an eye on a particular Black Cat Rescue cat or kitten?  You know adoption is not right for you at this time, but you just can’t help watching to see if this one gets adopted!  You may have noticed that a cat is listed on Petfinder, then not, then maybe listed again.  The reason for this is that we take cats down when they have a potential adopter who has completed an Adoption Profile and scheduled a visit.  Technically, we change them from “Adoptable” to “Adoption Pending” on Petfinder, so they no longer show up when you search for adoptable pets.  Of course, not every visit results in an adoption (although our cats are awesome!), and some cats end up posted again several days later.

We make every effort to ensure that we don’t have more than one adopter with their heart set on a specific kitty.  Some argue that it must be better for a cat to have “backup” options if the first visit falls through.  However, there are several important reasons for maintaining a 1:1 ratio of potential adopters to available cats.

Hey!  You’re hogging all the adopters!

Each of our cats is waiting patiently for their forever home.  We’d rather see all of our kittens have a visit lined up than have one or two kittens with multiple suitors while others are getting older by the week in their foster homes.

Don’t go breaking my heart!

We know that sometimes all it takes is that one special picture to capture an adopter’s heart.  We try to make sure that the faces you fall in love with are truly available to love you back!

Keep it simple!

We try to make our adoption process as simple and user-friendly as possible.  We appreciate those who choose adoption first and wish to respect their time and work with them to make the best adoption match in an efficient manner.

It can be a difficult task at times- especially with kittens!  Sometimes an adopter comes to visit one kitten and ends up with another curled up in their lap.  A kitten wants what a kitten wants!  Sometimes several inquiries for a specific kitten come in within the space of a few hours (We have day jobs!), and we have to sort through.

We never announce adoption news until a cat has been transported to their new home- our one little superstition.  If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard anything about a special kitty you’ve been following, it’s likely that good news is on the horizon!  Thanks for following our kitties on their journeys through foster care to forever homes, and we hope to have happy updates to share about each of them soon!


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