No Kill Conference: Building a No Kill Community with Nathan Winograd

After an incredibly inspiring welcome and keynote, we headed to our morning session to learn how to build No Kill communities.  We learned about the history of animal sheltering and how to brighten the future for our nation’s homeless pets!


Feral Cat TNR Program

High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

Rescue Groups

Foster Care

Comprehensive Adoption Programs

Pet Retention

Medical and Behavioral Rehabilitation

Public Relations/Community Involvement


Proactive Redemptions

A Compassionate Director

Implementation of the No Kill Equation combined with believing in the community and trusting the power of compassion is what will create No Kill communities!  We all need to play our part.

Some great advice from Nathan Winograd– Do good things for animals, tell people about it, ask for their help.

Presently, 4 million homeless pets are killed in our nation’s shelters each year.  So often we hear that there are just too many homeless pets and not enough homes.  However, today we learned that 21 million people plan to add a pet to their household in the next year.  While some are committed to purchasing pets from breeders, 17 million are currently undecided about how they will obtain their new pet.  We just need to convince 4 million of them to choose adoption.

As a small rescue group, we are so thrilled to be able to do our part by working with local shelters to save the lives of adoption challenged black and mostly black cats- looking at you Silly and Missy!  We are also committed to spreading the word about pet adoption and the special challenges that black cats face.


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