No Kill Conference: Turbocharging Pet Adoptions with Bonney Brown

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

Bonney Brown, the Executive Director of the Nevada Humane Society shared some great tips to help shelters and rescue groups place more pets in loving homes!

This session got us really motivated to set some truly inspiring goals!

It’s also so important to make time to celebrate victories!  Seeing our cats happy in their forever homes really revs us and our supporters up to work harder.

Some of the tips were pretty basic, like smiling and being friendly toward adopters.  During a hectic kitten season, we can all use a little reminding.  🙂

Making it easy to fall in love…

Create a welcoming atmosphere.

Encourage interaction.

Create success by looking for ways to make adoptions work, not reasons to turn people down.

Convenient times- weekends, evenings and holidays.

Increase exposure with adoption events.

Facilitate bonds.

Offer special prices for special pets.

Keep process user-friendly!

Aggressive Promotion– Get the word out and get people in!

Some great holiday twists to promote adoption- keep your New Year’s resolution to stress less by adopting a cat, find love on Valentines Day, festive dress for Mardi Gras,  feel lucky on St. Patrick’s Day,  get a free tree with your Arbor Day adoption….endless possibilities!


2 responses to “No Kill Conference: Turbocharging Pet Adoptions with Bonney Brown

  1. Thank you for your blog posts from this conference. They are such an inspiration. We can all help bigger and better because of this.

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