Lyuba Looking for Love

Lyuba is getting her beauty sleep in case she has a visitor soon.  Trying to find “the one” is exhausting!  Lyuba has been looking for months, even though she is quite a catch.  She is pretty, loving and calm- even likes dogs!


3 responses to “Lyuba Looking for Love

  1. Good luck finding a home. You deserve a living and special one.

  2. Purring and praying Lyuba finds her loving, FOREVER home very soon. We love the house panthers!!!

  3. now I understand about black cats. I found a very very sweet and affectionate black cat with such gorgeous green eyes. a stray. but I have 4 cats already so i took him to the local shelter, which is not completely no kill but has alot of space and works to get most cats adopted. there are a bunch of other black cats there. at first I thought he was declawed so he should definitely not be out on his own as a stray. now he is warm and fed and safe and looked after. am praying for him to find a good home and other black cats. when i’m looking for a cat next I will try to get a black cat. thank you for doing this website.

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