Scratchy and Atticus go home!

Scratchy and Atticus have gone to a wonderful forever home together.  Scratchy is now Boo, and Atticus is keeping his name.  Atticus required lots of TLC during his transformation from baby feral to the sweet, confident young man he is today.  He is already bonding with his new family and loving the life of pampered house kitty.  Congratulations little boys!


3 responses to “Scratchy and Atticus go home!

  1. YAY for furever homes, good luck you 2, may you have great lives! ***bik kitteh smoooches***

  2. Marjorie Dawson

    Yaaaay Good news – GOOD news. Have a good life you two – enjoy and make them happy.

  3. This is Boo and Atty’s mom, Kellie. Our little family feels complete now that they have joined us! Atty and Boo now chase each other up and down the stairs, pounce on each other from their hiding places, and this morning, I found them sleeping on the same bed in the spare bedroom! Boo is not like his reclusive namesake, Boo Radley, but wants to be on the lap of everyone and anyone. And when Atticus has cuddle time, it is truly precious. My husband, Jens, has taken lots of video of the babies playing together, and of Atticus playing on the ipad! Thanks to Black Cat Rescue for bringing them into our family.

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