Betty and Butch

Look at that face!  Betty and Butch came to Black Cat Rescue at only a day old with their Mom, a beautiful black cat named Bailey. 

Within a few days, we got a call from another local rescue who had an orphaned kitten the same age as Betty and Butch.  His siblings had passed away, and he was fading.  So, the whole family went off to the other rescue, and Bailey successfully nursed the little orphaned kitten into a healthy little bundle of trouble.  Ironically, Tawney looks much more like Bailey than her own kittens!  Can’t you tell he’s a handful?

Both Tawney and Bailey have been adopted.  Unfortunately, Butch and Betty were both diagnosed with heart murmurs (level 2 and level 3).  They have come back to BCR, and we are working with our vet to determine what they need.

Send good thoughts for these little guys as we sort it all out!


3 responses to “Betty and Butch

  1. Oh, it’s so lovely to hear that Bailey was able to help make a kitten from another litter strong and healthy — and that good people made it happen! I’m sending good thoughts for Butch and Betty, plus a kiss on their precious little pink noses!

  2. Marjorie Dawson

    I hope all goes well for Butch and Betty. Good luck you two.

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