Congratulations Marie!

Marie came to Black Cat Rescue after she and her three kittens were found in a soaked cardboard box in the rain.  She took great care of her kittens (Ninja, Max, and June), and they had no problem finding forever homes.  Marie, however, had to be a little more patient.

It was well worth the wait—Marie is now loving life in a great forever home!  She can keep an eye on things from under the table, and participate in evening yoga sessions.

And at the end of a busy day, she has a nice warm bed to curl up in.

She’s certainly come a long way from that cardboard box!  Congratulations Marie.

2 responses to “Congratulations Marie!

  1. Congratulations Miss Marie. We are very happy that you found a forever home. You stayed at our house for about three months in between finding your new home. We love you, and are very happy that you are settled in your new home with someone that loves you too.

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