Meet Poncho!

Looking for a new companion for you and your kitty?  Then meet Poncho!

Poncho is an absolutely wonderful five-month-old kitten.  He adores love and attention, and instantly bonds with the people around him.  Check out the video on his petfinder profile to see how quickly he bonded with Jill in the car ride to his foster home from the shelter!

Poncho is such a friendly little guy that he would like to have a kitty companion in his forever home.  Contact Black Cat Rescue today to meet Poncho!


2 responses to “Meet Poncho!

  1. Just adorable!!!

  2. Poncho was staying in the same foster home as the cat I ended up adopting, and I can attest to the fact that he is super-friendly and really sweet and snuggly. He let us pick him up and hold him for a long time, the first time we met him. He was well-trained too and very eager-to-please; he got along great with the other two cats who lived there. He’s not at all skittish and greeted me like I was an old friend. Very much a typical kitten personality.

    Anyway, I hope very much that he gets adopted soon; it about broke my heart not to take him with me too.

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