Monthly Archives: November 2010

Update: Pretty Boy

When Pretty Boy first came to Black Cat Rescue, he was in rough shape:

“We had received a request to help a black male cat whose owners had moved away without him.  A kind neighbor was feeding him but unable to keep him. When we picked Pretty Boy up, he was wrapped in a sweatshirt inside a donated carrier.  His eyes said it all.  This guy was in rough shape.  His generally poor appearance coupled with some labored breathing in the car prompted us to drive straight to the emergency vet.”

With some great vet care and a few months in foster care, Pretty Boy healed medically.  However, he wasn’t making progress socially.  He continued to be extremely shy, avoiding almost all human contact, and he didn’t get along with the other cats in the home.  It was decided that he should be moved to a foster home without any other cats where he could get more one-on-one attention.  That’s how he ended up in my care.

Pretty Boy spent the first few days holed up in my closet, terrified.  With some patience, and the help of the Best Friends Animal Society’s Cat Socialization Guide, he slowly emerged from the closet.  He made amazing progress over the next few weeks as he learned to trust me.  He now seeks out attention, and will lay on my lap, purring away.  While he’s still not sure about strangers, he’s an absolutely wonderful lap cat with the people he knows.

Pretty Boy is now a healthy, happy cat thanks to Black Cat Rescue’s dedication to its cats.  He will be a great pet once he finds a forever home that’s willing to give him the patience and love that he deserves.

Thank you BCR for not giving up on Pretty Boy!


Lucy and Athena

Lucy (formerly Trooper) and Athena were two of the many kittens at Black Cat Rescue this summer.  They have settled in to their forever home, and are growing up fast!

It’s clear that they are very happy that they were able to go home together!