Olivia at Home

Olivia has settled in to her forever home and is doing great!  She loves to hang out with her new people, and never gets tired of being pet.  This sweet fluffy girl has definitely charmed her new people:

“Bottom line is we love love love Olivia and I think she actually loves us too : )”

Congratulations Olivia!

3 responses to “Olivia at Home

  1. So glad that Olivia has a new home. Hope she gets lots of love and hugs.
    We know her Christmas will be very merry.
    We have 6 black kitty family members that we love very much.

  2. My first grand-kitty! Can’t wait to meet her in purrrr-son!!!

  3. She looks just like my Casey, who’s curled up on my lap as I type. She’s wrapped around my left arm, making it difficult to type – one finger pecking at the moment. 🙂 She’s been a joy since I brought her home almost 7 years ago as a little puff ball all the way from California – I live in NY. Some kids had kittens in a box at a supermarket and… took the last two. Casey and her step sister Callie, a polydactyl tabby. The friend I was staying with thought I was crazy, “how are you going to get them home?” uh… in a carrier? LOL. I’m so happy I did!

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