Update: Beatrice All Grown Up

We’ve received an update on one of our B-babies, Beatrice!  This beautiful girl found her forever home in December 2009.  She quickly settled in, wasting no time getting acquainted with her new person, Charlotte (who is now 8 years old).

Charlotte loves Beatrice so much that she wants to donate part of the money raised by her Brownie Troop to BCR!  Thank you Charlotte for all your support for our black kitties!

We always love receiving updates about our cats who have found forever homes.   The absolute best part of this work is seeing our kitties happy at home, so send along any news or photos!


3 responses to “Update: Beatrice All Grown Up

  1. Hi Samantha –

    Hope all is well. Popped in to take a look at your blog. I LOVE IT!


  2. First time stumbling upon this site. I have a black cat too (rescued her about 2 years ago) and I love what you are doing. Keep it up!

  3. What a great site, I just found you doing some googling, I found kittens abandoned in a condo where I live http://bit.ly/condocats and am trying to sort out what I am gonna do with em. Thank you for the great resources. Jordan

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