Update: Geraldine (formerly Marie)

Geraldine, or Gerry (formerly Marie), has settled into her forever home.  She arrived at Black Cat Rescue last summer, after being found in a soaked cardboard box with her three kittens.  Now she’s living a happy life in her forever home, where she has two people to love her and lots of dry spaces to curl up in!

Gerry still loves small spaces — she likes to hide out under the tablecloth or in the napkin basket, where she can keep an eye on things and snooze comfortably.

We love hearing about BCR cats happy at home, so keep the updates coming!


2 responses to “Update: Geraldine (formerly Marie)

  1. So happy to hear that (Marie) Geraldine has found a forever happy home. Geraldine stayed with us for a few months and we totally enjoyed taking care of her. She is a special little lady. Hugs to Geraldine. Camille and Dev.

  2. So nice to see Gerry in her new home. We had Marie and her kittens in our home for a time and she was such a loving cat.

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