Bella and Pom Pom

*Please note that Bella and Pom Pom are not in the care of Black Cat Rescue. We are just helping their caretakers get the word out about this special pair looking for a forever home!*

Bella & Pom Pom are 6 month old female kittens available for adoption. The are both spayed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative. These darling girls are located in Brooklyn, NY.

Meet Bella and her sister Pom Pom. They were rescued as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return project in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, in January 2011.

Pom Pom’s enchanting good looks coupled with Bella’s humorous charm make this dynamic duo the perfect addition to any family! But what makes them in need of an extra special home is Bella’s disfigurement. She needs someone to embrace her goofiness just like she has!

Bella had been living on the street with a serious injury to her face for nearly a month when she and Pom Pom were trapped on January 29, 2011. Bella is missing the upper lip, most teeth, and part of the lower eyelid on the left side of her face. Multiple surgeries have stabilized the injury and she should lead a perfectly normal life!

Bella is a kitten with a ton of personality — she loves to “talk” and greets you with a “Hello” chirp when you come home, wake up, or otherwise enter her world. The conversation continues until she is appeased with some head scratching and possibly a belly rub. This snuggler inches herself into any comfortable position on you while drowning out your protests with a deafening purr.

Pom Pom’s elegance is the perfect complement to Bella’s irresistible quirkiness. Her exotic looks and graceful movements lend her a regal quality that is nothing short of mesmerizing. While she cannot compete with Bella’s level of affection, Pom Pom is nonetheless a purring machine who enjoys attention in a more reserved manner.

These girls are full of boundless kitten energy and love to play — with each other, with people or with toys. They provide endless entertainment for themselves and those who watch or interact with them during playtime!
Bella and Pom Pom are currently in foster care. While they are loved unconditionally, their time has come to find their forever home — together. An adoption application, home visit and fee are required. Please send an email to for more information on making these incredible kittens a part of your life!

11 responses to “Bella and Pom Pom

  1. What precious girls! I would take them in a heartbeat if I didn’t have so many already. I too do TNR on Long Island. All of mine are rescues I didn’t have the heart to give up. I’d especially love to have Bella. What a special girl. One of my babies has a bad eye, from an untreated infection, but it only makes me love her more – and she is totally unaffected by it! Despite the fact I have two black cats waiting 5 months in my local Petco for forever homes, I am going to share this on my facebook pages, both my personal page and my TNR page and hopefully they will find a wonderful home together! My TNR page is called Long Isand TNR – trap, neuter, reHOME. 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting this story, Black Cat Rescue!!!!

    NJ2toU – thank you for your support, these are very special girls patiently waiting their forever home. Glad to hear you are doing TNR in LI, I know it’s a mess out there. Seems to be the case all over NYC these days. P.S. we have 2 cats who had both eyes removed in our home — but don’t tell them they’re blind, they wouldn’t know it! I have a weak spot for the undercats 🙂

  3. I love Bella (and Pom) – I have a black girlie with a Cleft lip and clubbed Foot and while others might find her ‘ghoulish’ all I see is sleek black beauty….she is nicely complimented by my other “special black beauties”. Good Luck Belle and Pom – yo uare both beautiful in my eyes.

  4. My husband and I, too, were looking at this pair and said we’d take them if we didn’t have our two (wonderful but jealous) kitties… Any update on this? Did they find a home?

  5. I wish I could help, Dotti Lydon

  6. im in love 🙂
    those faces are precious. unfortunately im west coast but this link is being spread. ill pass it on too.

    good luck and loves to you little girls 🙂

  7. what precious furbabies. i pray both kitties find their forever loving home together and God willing i’m sure they will. these two deserve the best kind of home with all the love and affection they can handle. i live in canada and have a very special calico kitty of my own.

  8. They are sooo cute, may the Almighty give them a forever home.

  9. Too bad they’re located in Brooklyn, NY. I would love to take them into my home with the rest of my loving cats.



  11. May they and others be homed with wonderful people asap, and wherever possible never part any siblings from eachother.

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