Meet Keiko

Keiko is a handsome tuxedo who came to Black Cat Rescue after his previous owner passed away.  He is a wonderful companion and a total sweetheart who loves to cuddle and be pet.  He’s also full of personality, breaking with his normally calm demeanor to chase toys around his foster home.  He has been waiting patiently for his forever home, where he can again be the light of someone’s life.

We can’t believe that this wonderful boy hasn’t attracted more suitors, so contact Black Cat Rescue to meet Keiko today!


3 responses to “Meet Keiko

  1. OK, I thought his face was the cutest thing I’d ever seen until I saw his BELLY!

  2. If you lead with the belly shot, he would get at least a dozen suitors!

  3. Hi,
    I am interested in Keiko too. Does he have problems being alone? Would he get aggressive and bite or scratch under stressful conditions? What would stressful conditions be for him?

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