Special Guest Post: Black Cat Valentine’s Day – Adopt!

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air!  On this day, an expression of love can include a card, flowers, a box of chocolates, dining out or, perhaps, a diamond ring!

We express love in different ways.  It can be subtle, it can be conspicuous.  It can be a single gesture of love, or a continued expression of love.  We love each other, we love ourselves; we love good food, we love a nice place in which to curl up and retreat from the cares of the world; we love security.

For this Valentine’s Day, please consider giving a “special gift” by adding a new love to your life.  Consider adopting a black cat (or two!).  A homeless black cat needs the same things everyone else needs and, in return, will unconditionally offer companionship and never-ending love 365 days of the year.

To make this Valentine’s Day a special celebration of love for black cats, we would like to share with you the images below—works created by artists who love black cats.

Valentine Cat by Margaret Engeldinger, margaretengeldinger.tripod.com

Art: VALENTINE LOVE by Artist Rosemary Margaret DaunisValentine Love by Rosemary Margaret Daunis, EBSQ Art

Valentine Friends! by Georgette Livingston, EBSQ Art

Art: Meeko's Heart by Artist Tammy Fleetwood Moody

Meeko’s Heart by Tammy Fleetwood Moody, EBSQ Art

Love Valentine by Barbara Catherine Billotte, eBay/BCB cat painting

Black and White Cat with Hearts by Arabella at Plum and Bear, Etsy

Art: Got Treats Black Cat Valentine ACEO by Artist Lisa Monica Nelson

Got Treats Black Cat Valentine by Lisa Monica Nelson, EBSQ Art

  Black Cat Valentine by Todd Young, www.toddyoungart.com

We thank the artists above who, by their kind permission, have generously supported the Black Cat Rescue mission: to help make the world a better place for black cats.


4 responses to “Special Guest Post: Black Cat Valentine’s Day – Adopt!

  1. I love this last painting!! Ahhh so beautiful!

  2. Black cats are the best,they are very loving and loyal.they are the hardest cats to adopt out for some reason.

  3. My black cat is very special. Found him 13 years ago and wouldn’t trade him for anything! All of our animals our rescues-best kind!

  4. This will be a hard Valentine’s Day for me it will be the first one without my little baby girl Luna. I adopted Luna at the age of 3 months old from CAT Adoption Team in Sherwood Oregon. we spent 5 wonderful years together. She moved with me into my first apartment. About 5 weeks ago I noticed she was acting a little lethargic and wasn’t eating as much. We took her to a vet in Keizer they said it was kidney failure I was devastated! The week after we changed her food and she spent a week at another Vet that I know knew her better. Everything was looking great for a week,but then Luna started to vomit a lot and she stopped eating. We took her back to the vet last Monday. She was very ill and her phosphorous levels were rising again. After my dad told my mom her prognosis I was told I had to say goodbye to my little girl. I was so sad and I cried all the way home. We had her cremated the next day. I know she is in a better place now and she is my angel! My sister and I decorated a vase for her ashes and a heart plague. She also gave me a necklace I can wear with some of her ashes inside. I will never forget you Luna!

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