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Happy Tail: Sammie at Home

Sammie came to Black Cat Rescue as a more mature feline after she lost her person.  At 10 years old, some may have considered Sammie to be “unadoptable.”  But we knew this kitty had much more love to give, and after only a couple of months in foster care, she was able to find a wonderful forever home!


Here is what her new person has to say about Sammie: “Sammie is quite a character. She knows how to open drawers and cabinets, and she is always checking what’s inside. She has claimed her own bedroom, too, and sleeps in the middle of a big antique double bed (usually on top of my clean clothes when I dump them there!)

She has her moments sitting by the front door looking out and other moments scaring my little parakeets. I have to cover the ‘keets at night now (something I never did) because that’s Sammie’s favorite time to stalk them. She loves to greet people that come to visit – not shy! And she talks and talks. Like I said, quite a character!”



There are many reasons why adopting an older cat can be incredibly rewarding, and Sammie proves them all!  Congratulations Sammie!

Special Guest Post: Black Cat St. Patrick’s Day

Vintage Irish Embroidered Linen Hankie, photo courtesy eBay/big*rapids, MI

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.  Groucho Marx

With thanks to Groucho, yes, a black cat crossing your path signifies that it is going somewhere.  Black cat lovers know that the “somewhere” could very likely be into your life and into your heart!

If a homeless black cat has entered your life, you probably have a special story to tell about how it happened, and how the lucky cat (or cats!) changed your life in unexpectedly positive ways.

Not only did you get to observe how sleek and beautiful, entertaining and loving black cats are, but you also made new best friends.  And that is lucky, indeed!  For those of you who haven’t had the experience, well…this lucky event could happen to you at any time!

As a follow-up to Black Cat Valentine’s day, we thought it would be fun to share some images that celebrate the ‘pot-o-gold’ that a black cat can bring to your life—created by artists and photographers who love black cats.

Black Cat-Good Luck-St. Patrick’s Day Irish Castle by Barbara Catherine Billotte/eBay BCB cat painting

Black Cat Shamrock Painting on Wood by Frances Gilotti, Etsy/ArtbyFrances

four black cats drinking from faucet

A Drink With Family on St. Patrick’s Day, by C Bernadette E. Kazmarski,

5x7 St. Patrick's day photo print pot of gold cat

St. Patrick’s Day Pot-of-Gold Black and Whte Cat by Renee, Etsy/RLynnPhotography

Art: Counting Clovers by Artist Tammy Fleetwood Moody

Counting Clovers by Tammy Fleetwood Moody/EBSQ Art

St. Patrick’s Day Black Cats by Cindi Lynch, eBay/Lynch art print

We thank the contributors above who, by their kind permission, have generously supported the Black Cat Rescue mission: to help make the word a better place for black cats.