Special Guest Post: Vote for FurKids!

“Going to great lengths” to rescue cats is standard operating procedure at Furkids, Georgia’s largest, no-kill, cage-free cat shelter caring for 500 cats and 100 dogs.  Not only do we rescue cats from throughout the state of Georgia — we also do everything possible to give them the highest quality of life possible — no matter their needs.  Below is just one example of many stories that show the lengths we go to in order to ensure our animals are healthy, safe, loved, and ultimately adopted.

Last year, we rescued a stray mother cat and her sickly kittens — two of these little kittens were named Billy the Kid and Jesse James.

The mom, Belle Star, was malnourished but trying desperately to feed her babies. The severity of sickness that afflicted the kittens, especially Billy and Jesse,  was overwhelming, and the photos of their condition upon intake moved all of us.

We all were overcome with grief at their condition, including our veterinarian, and especially for one kitten that did not survive. We all wished we had learned of this family sooner so that we could have spared them such suffering and we vowed to do everything we could to not only save them, but save their eyesight, too.

After examination and treatment orders were received, we quickly placed the cats with one of our highly experienced volunteers, Lisa. She worked diligently to keep up with the demanding medical regimen implemented by an ophthalmologist. Despite all our best efforts, Billy the Kid and Jesse James each lost one eye. Fortunately, they have perfect sight in their good eyes, and in every other aspect they are now healthy and happy kittens.

The weekly doctor visits and medications for the kittens were costly to our organization. A campaign for donations to support their care was contributed to generously by our huge network of volunteers and supporters.

We knew we would have a challenging time getting these cats placed not only because they were special needs but also because they were black.  We currently have so many black cats at our shelter that keep getting overlooked for adoption, despite their sweet personalities.  Therefore, we were fortunate and thrilled when Billy and Jesse were adopted…together!

Five months after we found them, this is what their adopters reported to us:

“The kittens, Jesse and Billy, are doing great! They have really adjusted to life with us – and they are hilarious. We’d forgotten how much energy kittens have. We have lots of play time with them, but their favorite game is chasing each other! Their most recent adventure is the sink – they love the faucet. We are very happy to have them, and so grateful to FurKids for rescuing them.”


Our volunteers say it the best:

“Less adoptable doesn’t mean not rescue-able at Furkids.”

“The people at the shelter and FIV house are real-life superheroes. They work tirelessly with unparalleled devotion to make sure all of the cats get the best care, love, and attention.”

“Every cat at Furkids has his or her own wonderful unique personality and deserves a forever home.”

Furkids is trying to win a car through Nalley’s Facebook contest, “DrivenforaCause.”  We are reaching out to our friends, including everyone here at Black Cat Rescue, to help by voting for us daily through June 30.  No registration (aside from a Facebook account) is required. Just one click to vote. A new vehicle for Furkids will allow us to save many more animals and ultimately unite them with forever families. Thank you! For more information about Furkids, please visit http://www.furkids.org.

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